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The online casino game Texas Tea is a reliable game that everyone really enjoys. Many surprises in terms of bonuses and other benefits will be given during the game. Texas Tea is another way of saying oil or black gold. Here are some details to know about the online casino game Texas Tea and the bonuses it offers.

Texas Tea online casino game distinguishing features

Texas Tea is an exact reflection of oilfield owners. During the game, you can see countless animations that allow you to explore the regions of this country. In addition to these animations, players have the chance to play with different features. There are plenty of bonuses throughout the game.

The online casino game is available in Flash mode or Instant Play mode. All the icons used in this game are defined under the Texas landmarks. The most prominent are as follows: Armadillo, Cactus, Yellow Rose, Longhorn, Machine, Cadillac, Bluebonnet, Globemallow without forgetting the Texas logo.

Texas Tea: graphics and sound

The graphic design of the online casino game Texas Tea is original. It is well designed to be fun for the players. It makes you want to stay on the game all the time. As for the sound, the game is characterized by an exceptional atmosphere. Completing a game is very captivating with the sound environment offered by the Texas Tea game.

Texas Tea casino game payment

Texas Tea offers its players five reels and nine paylines. Players can bet between 5 cents and 5 euros. There is a jackpot during the game. This reaches 10,000 credits. A second prize is also offered after this jackpot, which is worth 1000 credits.

Texas Tea Bonus

For Texas tea, bonus rounds are not neglected at all. Besides, players really enjoy the game thanks to the existence of these bonuses. Indeed, the winnings are quickly developed thanks to the bonuses. For this type of online casino game, the bonuses are categorized in two parts. On the one hand, the player benefits from an oil dividend. On the other hand, he can get the Big Oil Derrick bonus. The bonuses are activated when the same scatter icon is displayed on the reels.

Another form of bonus is also available. This is the Oil Dividend Check bonus. They are activated using four Texas Ted icons which then land on the reels.

These bonuses are one of the elements that mainly attract players to this type of casino game. If you want to experience the excitement of these players, don’t forget to sign up and start playing. This way you will have a lot of rules and features to learn and then play. The more you play, the more you will be trained. In the end, you will always win Texas Tea bonuses according to your motivation in the game.

The Texas Tea game strategy

First of all, be aware that in the Texas Tea game, the winning combinations are achieved when the player has the Oil Derrick and Texas icons. In addition, if four icons are linked on the reels, the winnings accumulate.

As long as the player wishes to trigger the Big Oil Derrick bonus, he must link four icons on one of the active paylines. The player will also be able to choose the regions to play a game based on the number of spread icons. Once the region selection is made, the player will get an increase in bonus credits as long as the oil flows off the map. The winnings will therefore evolve thanks to these extra credits.