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Online casinos are on a roll these days. However, this does not seem to work in favour of consumer rights, as complaints about refusal to pay are recurrent. Fortunately, if such problems are everywhere, so are the solutions to them. Cases seem to differ from one player to another. Therefore the origin of the refusal to pay should be carefully examined. It should be remembered that online casino games require registration conditions with files to be filled in. So when faced with a refusal to pay, here is what you should do.

Review the conditions of use

When registering, all requested fields must be filled in and the files to be downloaded or contacts completed. Then, a short lesson on how online casinos work is imperative. Amongst others, online casinos put a lot on their welcome bonuses to encourage the pioneers of virtual gambling. It is sometimes an obligation in some casinos to draw from it. On the same subject, try to be vigilant on the use of a bet made by the amount of the bonus. Indeed, there is a limit on the amount of bets allowed on bonuses. Also on the particular games that benefit from them. In the event that this bonus has not been used on the specified game, no payment will be made.

The use of a martingale is also counted as a cause for refusal of payment. A method of progression of the stake according to the gain or loss. Finally, online casinos impose wagering. This is a principle according to which one would have to play enough to be able to make a withdrawal. Therefore, it is important to be careful when reading the conditions of use.

Asking for reasons for refusing payment

The above mentioned conditions are not exhaustive. There can be thousands of legal payment origins on online casinos. Even if your case refers to the terms of use or you are still confused, asking will always be helpful. Don’t hesitate to call them, to answer their email refusing payment. They may require a return from you in order to fulfil the conditions or missing documents.

In most cases, online casinos also encounter delays on the administration side or that the processing time for files is extended. You are therefore required to contact them frequently, once a week as a reminder. In order to understand more about how online casino administration works, it is imperative to find out about the opinions of the casino. Expert persons can accompany you in such a case of refusal.

Consider legal recourse

While strategies to avoid online casino scams are current, it should be pointed out that this only concerns unregulated sites. Players should be aware that there are laws governing gambling, even though it is virtual territory. They must be listed and authorized in the territory where you play. This is referred to as the national licence of your residence. Only complaints of refusal to pay by legal casinos have virtues in favour of the law and can therefore be the subject of legal action. If this happens, i.e. you are faced with a real online scammer, you should simply close the account and stop playing again. It should be remembered that France has strict regulations on gambling.